Of  The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Member Activities
Activity Date Activity Name Venue
31-May-2014 Seminar on "Companies Act, 2013  Institute Auditorium.
28-May-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall.
22-May-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall.
18-May-2014 Peer Reviewers  Institute Auditorium.
13-May-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall
10-May-2014 ISA ET Exam    ITT LAB & Class Room.
11-Apr-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
04-Apr-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
23-Mar-2014 Full Day  Seminar Bank Audit  Institute Auditorium
22-Mar-2014 Holi Milan Sangeet Natak Academy Gomti Nagar Lko. 
14-Mar-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
08-Mar-2014 Women'Day  Institute Auditorium
06-Mar-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
28-Feb-2014 Managing committee Meeting  Institute Auditorium
26-Feb-2014 Inauguration   Institute & Shiva Palace.
26-Feb-2014 Workshop For Members  Institute Auditorium
26-Feb-2014 Teleconferencing  Institute Auditorium
23-Feb-2014 Closing ISA Classes Class room
22-Feb-2014 Workshop For Member  Institute Auditorium
14-Feb-2014 Managing committee Meeting Conference Hall 
08-Feb-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
06-Feb-2014 Teleconferencing Conference Hall 
31-Jan-2014 Condolence of Late CA.Avinish K Rastogi  Institute Auditorium
18-Jan-2014 Starting ISA Classes  Institute Auditorium
03-Jan-2014 Teleconference  Conference Hall 
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